The connection of the bus system is made on the back side of the measuring modules. Standardized RJ45 cables are used for building up the communication and power sourcing:



CS-3001/6 Module verbunden






Screenshot (TMC-Manager)

Screenshot (TMC-Manager)

Block voltages at the beginning of a discharge

Böock voltages at the end of a discharge



Screenshot (TMC-Manager)






Block voltages drop somewhere during the discharge. A short duration test is useless in such a case. Ohmic resistor readings will not identify such failures.







Modules needed to test an UPS system with 36 x 12V blocks:

1 x CS-3001/CPU

6 x CS-3001/6

1 x CS-3001/UI  (battery total voltage and current)

1 x CS-3001/ACA (24VDC power supply)

Battery Tester CS-3001




The CS-3001 test system records all block voltages, total voltage and current during a discharge test. The modular design makes it easy to connect most of all battery installations, starting from a single block and ending up with 960 block voltages. Up to four parallel strings can be tested. All measuring modules are electrically isolated (600VDC CAT III, 5000VAC test voltage).

According to your specifications, the test system is built up from the modules listed below:










The CS-3001/CPU module is used to control the measuring modules. The communication with a PC is established via a Bluetooth interface.

Four outgoing bus links can be used to connect all measuring modules needed. The modules are connected via standard RJ45 cables. Over a single cable, all modules are powered simultaneously and are able to communicate with the CPU.










The CS-3001/6 module is used to record up to 6 block voltages. The voltage range is +16,6 VDC with a resolution of 1 mV.

The selection of the block voltages takes place without the need for mechanical relays or fragile semiconductor switches. The block voltages are connected with standard 4mm safety test leads.

30mm - clamp   2mm connector










The CS-3001/ UI module is used to simultaneously record the total battery voltage and charge/discharge current of a battery system. Up to four UI modules can be operated with one CPU. The measuring range of the total voltage is +1000 VDC. For measuring of the battery current, two measuring ranges are available, +100 mV and +1000 mV. Thus, shunts and current probes can be used easily.

The voltage and current input are galvanically isolated (600 VDC CAT III, 5000 VAC test voltage).





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