Mobile battery scanner CS-4001/127

Our CS-4001/127 is the perfect mobile test system for periodic battery testing. In combination with an electronic load, the condition of a battery system (SOH) can be determined exactly during a capacity test.
Battery systems of up to 127 blocks can be tested. If desired, two batteries (with a reduced number of blocks) can be tested. The maximum block voltage is 15V.
The test system uses relays with an increased dielectric strength of 3000VDC. In addition, 4 parallel working measuring circuits for block voltage measurement are integrated, which are galvanically isolated from each other (5000VDC).

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Screenshot (TMC-Manager)

Screenshot (TMC-Manager)

Block voltages at the start of a discharge

Block voltages at the end of a discharge



Screenshot (TMC-Manager)


Block voltages drop somewhere during the discharge. A short duration test is useless in such a case. Ohmic resistor readings will not identify such failures.



G. Jost - electronic, Testsysteme für die Batteriewartung und Batterieprüfung