Battery tester TMC-2001RTS







The TMC-2001RTS is our newest member of advanced battery testers. We integrated in a very small and lightweight housing all facilities for modern battery and UPS maintenance. Best price/performance ratio.

Precise and fast recording of:

block voltages: +24VDC (0,0001V res.)

battery voltage (DC): up to 600VDC (0,001V res)

 univeral sensor interface: +2,4VDC (0,00001V res.)

This instrument evaluates the pure electrical and also the charge-transfer resistance of a battery block.

Optional IR-Temperature sensors and density meters (DMA35) can be interfaced directly. The communication and data-transfer is managed via Bluetooth. Accustic feedback is realized by the use of a headset.

Complete upload of user defined battery databases are possible. An integrated RFID-Transponder system supports fault free battery identification. A comprehensive software for logistic, history of measurements and analysis is bundled together with this instrument.



TMC-2001RTS Datasheet

Learn more about resistance measurement with our new RTS

TMC-2001RTS Manual



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